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  • What is bankruptcy and where do the bankruptcy laws come from?
    Bankruptcy is a legal process in which you say to a court that you cannot pay your bills as your... read more »
  • What types of bankruptcy are there?
    The two most common types of bankruptcy available are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Under Chapter 7 you receive a... read more »
  • Will I lose property in a bankruptcy?
    In most cases you are able to keep all of your property. Illinois and federal law give you protection of... read more »

Latest News
  • 10-03-12
    Nationally Advertised Debt Settlement Companies
    National advertising of agencies that promise to settle your debt for pennies on the dollar are flooding television.  Debt management... read more »


Find Financial Relief through a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Peoria, IL

Peoria, IL Bankruptcy Lawyer Services

In today’s economy, it is common to need financial help and advice for your personal finances or business if you are facing debt problems. If you’ve been hit by hard times and are struggling with debt, a bankruptcy lawyer in Peoria, IL may be able to help by offering advice and solutions.

At Rafool, Bourne & Shelby PC, we have over 40 years of experience helping our clients file for bankruptcy. We can also point out alternatives and consult with you about each option available with no obligation from you.


Bankruptcy Solutions

If you’re unable to get out of debt, bankruptcy may be a good option. We offer free consultations for non-business cases. We will help you decide on the best bankruptcy option for your personal or business debts.


With chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are granted relief from most types of debts; with chapter 13 bankruptcy, you agree to pay some or all of your debts in three to five years through reduced monthly payments.


If an alternative to bankruptcy would most benefit you, we’ll also help you find the best option. Visit our bankruptcy page for more details.


Foreclosure Solutions

We have years of experience saving homes and business property from foreclosure or repossession. We can offer you practical advice and possible solutions.


Learn more on our foreclosure page.


We’ll Find Your Financial Solution!

If you are experiencing the difficult process of bankruptcy or foreclosure, it’s important that you discuss your rights and options with an attorney experienced in both. We’ll be the support you need, and offer you advice throughout the process.

Call now to talk with a bankruptcy lawyer in Peoria, IL.