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What can I expect at an appointment with your office?

The attorney will meet with you, answer any questions that you have and then discuss your options. There is no charge for this consultation in non-business cases. You are welcome to have your first appointment be just for information, or if you are sure that you want to file something under bankruptcy we can generally prepare the paperwork at the appointment as long as you have the court costs with you.

You want to be sure to make a list of your debts with names, mailing addresses, account numbers and your best estimate of the amounts owed so that we can fully discuss your options. If you file a bankruptcy case and forget a debt you will have time to add them to your list later, and we provide you with a copy of the list that is with the court. It is also helpful if you know the value of any real estate that you own, and the payoff amounts on any mortgage or vehicle loans.

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