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What should I look for in choosing an attorney?

You should make sure that the attorney you choose is experienced in bankruptcy, and will be there when you need them to answer questions and take care of problems. Bankruptcy is a specialized area with complicated laws and rules and even has its own court. It is therefore our advice that you hire only an attorney that concentrates their practice in bankruptcy rather than a general practitioner. You should also be sure that the attorney you choose handles both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases so that you know all of your options.

Our office has served the Central Illinois area since 1965, and therefore if a problem comes up in your case two or three years after you file, our office will be there for you unlike some attorneys that leave the area or stop handling bankruptcy cases. Our firm's attorneys have handled thousands of cases, both simple and complex, and because we have more than one attorney in the office and a full support staff there will always be someone available to help you or answer your questions.

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